KS Touchscreen 7" - ergo T (black)



ergo-T is a touchscreen keypad of latest generation, the ideal command and control interface of lares 4.0 control panels.

Unlike all the typical touchscreen products of the Security market, ergo-T and ergo-T plus differ in a contrast and a resolution comparable to that of the end-user devices, thus closer to the everyday end-user experience.

They do not communicate to the panel via BUS, they use the network port instead. In this way, not only is it possible to manage all the various functions related to Intrusion Security, but also the functions of Video Surveillance, Access Control, up to what is today defined as Home Automation or Smart Home in general (i.e. management of the various automations, lights, temperatures, motorized shutters, appliances, irrigation, etc.).

Even though they use the network port, ergo-T and ergo-T plus are recognized by the control panel with a fast acquisition process with no need of any configuration on the router; furthermore, they can be supervised by the panel like a normal keypad on BUS.

ergo-T and ergo-T plus have a graphic interface in line with lares 4.0 mobile application: this guarantees the same user experience to the end-user, whether he manages the panel locally or remotely.

They are easily customizable by the user both in the theme (light or dark) and in the use of 6 favourite commands which can be directly put in the dashboard.

Moreover, they comply with any need of installations: in residential environments, they can be used to get access to all Smart Home functions without the need to enter the PIN code, that is required only for the activities related to Security; in commercial environments, they can be used in protected mode, therefore it is possible to surf through the various available functions only entering a valid user PIN.

ergo-T and ergo-T plus have an ideal position in any round wall-mounting box (60 mm pitch) or DIN 503 and can be powered with 12V or with PoE (Power over Ethernet). The keypads are available in 7’’ (ergo-T) and 10’’ (ergo-T plus) size.

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Namn KS Touchscreen 7" - ergo T (black)
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