KS Indoor proximity reader - volo-in



volo-in is an proximity reader with NFC Technology. volo-in is a proximity reader for indoor with acoustic signal / light evidence, directly connected to the BUS Ksenia, the management of an entry / disarm the system intrusion Ksenia Security or, more generally, the activation / deactivation of Nr. 5 scenarios programmed in optical automation, using the approach of the mini-tags enabled. The device uses the standard slot RJ45 jack to be added to any provision of any supplier of devices housed in stanrdard box 503. The device have a multi-color LED that can change colors: red, green, blue, yellow, white. For each of these colors you can be associated with a scenario freely programmable. It is very easy to activate a scenario: just bring a valid key to the reader, wait until the LED lights of the same color associated with the scenario, and remove the key. To make up for unusual light conditions (overexposure), as well as to come in against the needs of users “Visually Impaired”, you can also assign a different acoustic signal to all operations. volo-in is equipped with a multi-tone buzzer to confirm the operations. To make it UNIVERSAL for all major plates, volo-in takes advantage from the standard square profile socket arising from the RJ45 Keystone socket used in a standard patch panel and other items of equipment. As such, the RJ45 flush socket will fit a standard pattern wall plate normally designed for light switches from a number of manufacturers

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Namn KS Indoor proximity reader - volo-in
Tillverkare Ksenia

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